Our essence

Andrea landa is a Colombian Legacy Brand that brings leather
to live through the use of handcrafted techniques. Creating leather treasures
that will be handed down generation after generation is our passion.

Andrea's History

Andrea Landa's connection with fashion emerged in an innate way.
Since she was a little girl she has been surrounded by patterns, buckles and countless leather skins.
Materials that were part of her mother´s workshop, a space where she grew up seeing the work of Colombian artisans and sharing the creative process involved in the design.
Her family heritage together with her creative nature is what inspired her work to work with leather and handcrafted techniques.

master artisans
Our Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in our family company, our team of master artisans create leather wonders using traditional handcrafted techniques.

Each day, their specialized hands create leather pieces of art using different techniques, cuts and diverse knits.

Every one of our pieces is done by the effort of at least 4 of our artisans dedicated craftsmanship and may take various days in their creation.

100% Handcrafted pieces

All our pieces are 100% handcrafted-handmade
in our workshop in the center of medellín colombia.

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Most of our employees have been working with our family for more than 40 year.

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