Because we know how importante it is to try things first we give you the opportunity of shipping what you want to your house.

All our pieces are carefully desinfected and packed in order to comply with bio- security protocols.

You may choose up to 5 pieces to be sent to your house so you can try them on and choose afterwards.

All our shipments are sent out with a printed return shipping label so you can return it in an efficient and simple matter.

1.Text us using the black button above.

2.Give us your shipping and contact information.

3.Introduce you credit card information – reminder: you will not be charge it is only used as a security deposit.

4.Recieve you package and try on the pieces.

5.Let us know what you will keep.

6.We will charge you for the pieces you keep

7.Return the reminding products in the same box with the shipping label sent to you for return.